About E-PRICE Petroleum (PTY) Ltd

E-Price Petroleum, A division of AptServ Group, is a South African based Non Refining Wholesaler, Marketing and Distributor of a wide range of branded and unbranded Petroleum and Lubrication Products for Sub Retailer, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic usage founded in 2006. E-Price Petroleum is registered with the Department of Minerals and Energy of South Africa as a Petroleum Wholesale Licence Holders and an Importer-Exporter trader through International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa.

We render our services through a team of Professional Consultants that has extensive knowledge of the industry thereby able to recommend and deliver the right supplies to our clients. In addition our key strength lies in our extensive links in Petroleum Industry and the relationship with leading Petroleum Refineries such as Total, Engen, PetroSA, SASOL, Caltex, Shell and BP, as well as the Bulk Petroleum Transporters, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance companies in our Serves Network.




Through our strong distributor network and reputable refineries we are able to efficiently service across different industrial sectors such as Mining, Agricultural, Construction, Marine, Aviation, Engineering, Transport, Manufacturing, Government Departments, Municipalities, Parastatal Organisations, Utilities , other Petroleum Wholesalers, Retailers and Depots throughout the Africa, Europe and Asia, providing high quality products at very competitive pricing at the benefit of our clients.

In the public sector, we are both a Contract and Spot Supplier to Government Agencies of all types. Our shipping and supply strength also allow us to provide savings to other Petroleum Wholesalers and other Unbranded Retailers.

E-Price Petroleum has established partnerships and business relationship agreement in several areas with the specific goals and opportunities of each party in mind:

• Petroleum Handling Facilities

• Storage Tanks Manufacturing and distribution

• Pumps, Pump Sets and Valves Manufacturing and Distribution

• Flow Meters and Pressure Gauges

• Petroleum Refinery o Petroleum Vessel

Please contact us directly if you are a player in our industry and are interested in more information about becoming an E-Price Petroleum partner.