Petroleum Supplies & Products

Our secure supply of commercial fuels is backed by longstanding relationships with a quality network of energy transportation partners to get product where you need it, when you need it. Our core products range that can be packaged to serve individual specific needs include:

• Petrol (ULP / LRP 93 & 95)

• Diesel (Diesel 500ppm / Diesel 50ppm)

• Aviation Fuel (Jet A-1)

• Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

• Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO)

• Bio Fuels

• Industrial Lubricants (Oil / Greases)

• Forestry lubricants

• Industrial Chemicals

• Crude Oil


Petroleum Supplies & Products

We provide reliable end to end value adding services to domestic and international markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year including holidays. Service delivery is guarantees and your product is available when you need it backed by our extensive technical support network.

• Petroleum Handling Facilities

• Tank Storage

• Pumps and Dispensers

• Installations, Maintenance and Repair Services

• Industrial Water-Based Degreaser and Cleaning Agent


Petroleum Handling Facilities

Without an effective storage and supply chain network, the reselling of fuel retailors will remain increasingly difficult. E-Price Petroleum offers Coastal Secondary Storage and Handling Facilities at the Port of Durban for local and on transit distribution. Similar facilities arrangements are in place at different harbours across the continent, in Asia and Europe.



Tank Storage

We offer new and reconditioned storage tanks for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry including fuel-stations and fuel-depots through our partnerships network. The storage tanks come in all sizes, shapes and types, single and double wall storage tanks, aboveground and underground. We also supply diesel pump sets to go with your diesel tank. We do complete installations of diesel tanks and pumps, and carry out the civil works like slabs, islands and bund walls around the installation of the diesel tanks.


Pumps and Dispensers

We supply and install most makes of fluid pumps and fuel dispensers in the petroleum industry and this includes: - Suction Pumps, Dispenser Pumps, Depot Pump Sets, 12 Volt Pumps, Pumps Filters, Kerb Side Pumps, Centrifugal, , Meters, Hose, Nozzles, Electronic Fluids Management System and Automatic Tank Gauging Systems etc.

petrolpump petrolpump


Installations, Maintenance and Repair Services

With our 24hr call out services structure your business continuity is guaranteed. Our competent technical stuff and partners install, test, service and repair all types of Petrochemical Equipment. We Reconditioning, Refurbish, Replace or Upgrade aging Petrochemical Equipment, Machinery, and Tanks, bulk Meters, Pumps, Couplings, all types of Filtration and Valves etc. Calibrating of all types and sizes of Flow Meters such as LC Flow Meters, Oil Gear Meters and K33 Flow Meters is done perfectly by us since our technicians are highly skilled and accredited by relevant professional boards. We also offer full depot maintenance and storage tanks cleaning. With Addition maintenance and repair services include:

• Mechanical Repairs and Installations

• Electrical Repairs and Installations

• Installation of all equipment in equipment scope of supply

• Pressure Testing and Calibration

• All Hazardous Maintenance areas and New Area Installations

• Loading Gantry Installations

• All Pipe Work Maintenance and New Installations


Civil Engineering

E-Price Petroleum Analysis, Development, Design and Construction of New Petrol Station Outlet including additional structures such as Shops, Garages and Car Wash through its sister company, Foreinsure Engineering. We cater to all the needs of the developer in giving value-added national services ensuring greater cost and timeframes control, and compliance.

civil works


Industrial Water-Based Degreaser and Cleaning Agent

EPrice Petroleum is a distributor of Eko-M an Industrial Degreaser and Cleaning Agent which is Water-based and Environmentally Friendly fluid developed specifically for heavy industry and general industrial application. Eko-M is Biodegradable, Non- Toxic, Non-Abrasive, Non-Flamable, Non-Corrosive, concentrated Fast Acting Detergent and Effective Degreaser. Eko-M cleans on contact and is safe for use on any washable surface such as soil, hospitals, workshops, and food preparation areas or used with high pressure washers.

It leaves no residual coating or odour. The product has anti-static properties and is therefore an excellent cleaner of carbonaceous deposits on ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. It contains no solvents and can therefore be used in areas where there is a high risk of flammability. Because it is alkaline it will not corrode steel and residual product will not stain or damage painted surfaces. All components of the product comply with the OECD Directive Standard for biodegradability making it safe to flush the product to municipal drains or to oil separating plants. The product conforms to the proposed minimum 0.5 % solids content of waste water separating systems.


Aviation Refuelling Equipment

We are an Aljac authorised dealer and, products distributor and support service provider on the African continent through our partner M & H Pumps. All your Aviation Refuelling and Fuel Handling solution needs can be addressed professionally and efficiently by our team with more than 350 years combine experience, technical background and depth of industry experience.


We hold large stocks of Fuel Quality Control Equipment and Consumables, including Water Detector Capsules and Paste, Lead Seals, Sealing Wire, Stainless Steel Buckets, Glass Sampling Jars, Hydrometers and Thermometers, Fuel Conductivity Meters and many other items associated with the day to day task of testing and checking fuel quality.

We also supply Static Bonding and Earthing Equipment, ‘Deadman’ Control Switches and Cables, Closed Sampling Systems for Refuelling Vehicles and Tank Farms, Sandwich Pattern Non Return Valves, Towable Refuelling Vehicles, and Towable Master Meters for Bulk Meter Calibration.

Our Aviation Fuel Handling Systems and Equipment brands include: